Facts About Hemorrhoids Sufferers In America

Did you know there are over 11,000,000 US citizens who suffer from hemorrhoids every single year? The data, based upon an estimated population of more than 293,600,000 people, shows just how wrong the common misconception about the condition is. Most people suffer in silence because they think that they’re alone or because they’re embarrassed.

If you’re dealing with hemorrhoids, you’ll find the following facts and figures quite enlightening.

People are Looking for Information

Data shows that over the past few years, the number of online searches about hemorrhoids has increased.

Search engine data shows that people in America are just starting to open up about their piles problems, using websites like Google much more than they used to a decade ago. Ever since 2008, the number of people from the US who search online for information on hemorrhoids has been increasing.

Multiple US organizations have websites like Hemorrhoids Centers of America, HemWell America, THD America, The American Family Physician, the American Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons and more. These have made information about the problem more accessible.

Statistics about Hemorrhoids

graphicsLet’s get to the numbers and see what researchers have found out about piles. According to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, 75 percent of people will suffer from hemorrhoids during a point in their life.

Both men and women experience problems with inflamed anal and rectal veins. There isn’t a statistically significant prevalence in one of the genders. By the age of 50, nearly 50 percent of all men and women would have dealt with at least one episode of hemorrhoids.

There have been 1.1 million annual hospital visits in the US linked to hemorrhoids. Hospitalization was required in 266,000 of the more severe cases. Still, there’s nothing to worry about – the overwhelming majority of hemorrhoids sufferers sees improvements after a medical consultation.

The numbers once again confirm what we’ve been saying from the very beginning – instead of suffering in shame and silence, seek professional assistance.

US Hemorrhoid Treatment Facts and Figures

Piles sufferers can choose among a range of treatment options. From OTC creams that reduce the inflammation and pain to surgical procedures – the selection of one or the other will depend on the severity of the condition.

Most people get better through the use of anti-inflammatory ointments and home care. A diet that’s rich in fiber (fruits, veggies, and whole grains), as well as perfect hygiene are sufficient to improve the condition in a relatively short period of time.

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In more severe cases, physicians will administer:

Injections: a solution is injected into the inflamed vein, reducing its prominence
Banding: it cuts the blood supply to the vein, making it shrivel and fall off
Surgery: only required in very severe cases and in this instance, the inflamed vein will be incised

It’s a good idea to look for more information about piles online. Still, your physician is the professional that can have all of your questions answered. Don’t feel shy about it and seek assistance as soon as possible.